Phengphian Laogumnerd’s Signature Dish

The whole team at Phengphian Laogumnerd Cuisine are excited to share with you our very first blog post. We feel this is the perfect way to engage with you, our loyal customers, and share with you what inspires us in the world of catering. We want you firmly in the loop with all of our exciting new recipes and events, this is the perfect platform, the home if you like, of fine, New York catering. Engagement is key to the success of this blog, we encourage you to get involved in whatever way possible, drop us a comment, email suggestion, we want to hear it.

As this is our first entry we certainly want to take some time to talk about our company’s founder, Phengphian Laogumnerd himself. Coming from a varied culinary background he is a gastronomic professional with a wide range of skills. In his formative years as a chef he travelled extensively, this made him accustomed to the traditional ways in which cuisines are prepared. He is also an incredibly creative individual and loves nothing more than to put his own twist on a traditional, classic dish. It is his proficiency and talent that pushes the organisation forward and allows us, as caterers to provide the quality of food that we do.

Now, for our first content, what better place to start than by sharing with you one of our delicious meals. One of our signature dishes is our Special Thai Lime Leaf Curry Chicken. It is a must try if you attend one of our events. It is made with the finest lime leafs and infused with fresh squeezed limes to truly provide an intense flavour. All our chicken is ethically sourced from local NY farmers. We try and get the most authentic flavours possible, that means obtaining traditional spices straight from the source in Thailand as well as the finest cayenne pepper from suppliers in Mexico. Attend one of our many catered events across NY to sample our signature dish. Failing that, why not come to one of our fun and educational cooking classes and you can learn to make the dish yourself.

We will endeavour to bring you a fresh new recipe to inspire your gastro tendencies every time we submit a blog post. To reiterate, we want your contribution! Make sure to comment, give us your thoughts on today’s recipe and tell us anything you want including in future posts. In return we will give you regular posts with mouth-watering descriptions of our favourite recipes of the time. We’ll also let you into to our organisations schedule, detailing where you can find our events and how they went.

Thanks for reading our very first post!